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Blue Water Wealth combines the power of Comprehensive Financial Planning with the strength of a Coordinated Asset Management Program. Our quest is to unify your financial life with the management of your portfolio so that we can achieve optimized outcomes.

The journey begins with an Initial Consultation, followed, typically, by three core meetings. The initial meeting is a conversation in which we learn about one another. Working together, you meet with a Lead Advisor to discuss your particular needs and objectives. We look for how, or if, we can be of service to you. You and the lead advisor determine whether, or not, Blue Water Wealth is a good fit for you. Moving forward, we schedule three core meetings to begin our journey.

Data Gathering. 

We review each element of your current financial situation, and discuss your objectives. Our emphasis is on truly understanding what is important to you, and to gain some perspective on how you have made financial and wealth management decisions to-date.


At this meeting, we will have completed our inputs into your comprehensive financial plan, and will begin our discussion about our preliminary findings and possible courses of action. We actively engage you in the process of designing your financial plan and your associated wealth management. Based on your input in this meeting, we then turn our attention to finalizing your Comprehensive Financial Plan and crafting your Coordinated Asset Management Program.


In this meeting, we deliver this year’s financial plan, and we begin the process of installing the recommendations. Typically, our role in managing your wealth will start at this meeting. Additionally, we will begin to address each facet of your financial life, installing appropriate vehicles to close identified gaps, to shore up any weaknesses and to increase efficiencies in your financial situation.