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Our quest as a firm is to nurture the presence of peace & joy in the lives of our clients through a holistic, intensely service-oriented and highly tailored approach—an approach that seamlessly combines the power of Comprehensive Financial Planning with the efficiency of a Coordinated Asset Management Program.

Getting Started

Comprehensive Financial Planning is the first step on the journey.

Our work begins with an initial consultation. In this session, we discuss our approach to working with our clients, and engage in a review of your financial situation, and your objectives for the management of your wealth.  

Let's Work Together



Why Blue Water Wealth?

We care about our clients, and we work each day to tangibly express that caring in the form of our actions.

We are based in the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon. As a reflection of our values, we provide our employees fully paid benefits and above-average wages. If you believe in the importance of equity in our society, then our values align with yours.   Our Approach