You have the power to exercise your values through your wealth

while achieving your financial goals.

When you work with us, you can significantly impact your community and the planet while still investing across opportunities to gain from the market. A portfolio aligned with an investor’s values brings satisfaction beyond its measurable financial returns. Fortunately, values-driven investing isn’t just an investment in the greater good; it can also be a sound investment strategy for you and your financial goals.

The future is now. We firmly believe that investing in companies that make intentional efforts to do good in and by the world is the path to healthy returns. These are the companies that will survive as our times continue to change. They thrive by working with what’s needed for a secure future on this planet, not against it.

Sustainable, Responsible & Impact Investing

We don’t just use the words Sustainable, Responsible & Impact (SRI) so you can feel good. We invest only in companies we verify so you can also do good.

For us, SRI investing means investments in companies engaged in efforts around:

  • Social justice
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Alternative energy
  • Clean technology

We reject industries such as:

  • fossil fuels
  • Weapons manufacturing
  • Private prisons
  • Tobacco


Harness the power of purpose.

Impact investing is for accredited investors who aim to prioritize the power of their wealth as a means of influencing and changing outcomes. We offer the opportunity for you to direct investments to companies, organizations and funds with the mission of generating beneficial social and environmental impact. We highlight companies and organizations that holistically address social and environmental effects in areas such as:

  • Affordable housing
  • Capitalization to underserved communities
  • Climate change
  • Regenerative agriculture and forestry
  • Income and gender inequality