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Comprehensive Financial Planning, followed by Coordinated Asset Management. Your financial plan informs the management of your wealth.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

The first phase of our work together is to complete a Comprehensive Financial Plan. As a firm, we believe that is vitally important for us to understand the entirety of your financial situation before we delve into the work of managing your wealth. Management of your wealth is a responsibility that we take seriously. We understand the importance of doing this work, and we intend to do this work from a framework based in fact. That framework is your financial plan.

Tailored to your situation, our planning work will explore various facets of your financial life. The areas we focus on will depend upon the complexity of your overall financial situation, and your unique set of circumstances, goals and planning concerns.

Areas typically addressed in our approach to Comprehensive Financial Planning include:

Coordinated Asset Management

The next phase of our work naturally flows out of the financial planning. We turn our attention to wealth management. Our firm is a Registered Investment Advisor. Your portfolio will be tailored to your unique circumstances, objectives and risk profile. In fact, we may create multiple portfolios—each one constructed around a particular objective, or goal.

Socially Responsible Investing

Our expertise extends to designing a customized investment portfolio that incorporates and reflects your social and environmental beliefs and values. We will work with you to identify specific social and environmental goals and design a portfolio that is compatible with your goals, both financial and social.