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At Blue Water Wealth, we create a customized portfolio of investments that

  • supports your goals
  • honors your risk tolerance
  • aligns liquidity with the timing of planned life events
  • is socially and environmentally responsible in the ways that matter to you

You’re a unique individual to us, so the portfolio we build for you is too. We develop portfolios strategically, taking into account the ‘big picture’ of you and your life, then marrying that to our depth of investment knowledge and resources.

Blue Water Wealth has the flexibility and expertise to manage your wealth in-house utilizing fee-based discretionary accounts, or under a Coordinated Asset Management Program that includes our carefully selected roster of outside wealth managers with expertise in specific investment areas, along with investment opportunities unavailable to the public directly.

Client education is our pride and joy – we’ll always welcome your questions about areas of investing that may be unfamiliar to you.