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We define retirement as: that point in time when you have enough capital, and assets, at work for you, so that work becomes optional. Retirement does not mean that you simply stop working.  It could mean that you work part-time, you volunteer, you go on to another career, or you even start a new venture, or found a non-profit organization.  Retirement is simply the next phase of our lives—no different from when we were kids and imagined what we would be when we grew up. What do you imagine?

We work with you to determine what is feasible relative to your retirement. Retirement planning begins with an understanding of where you are today—what assets do you have earmarked for retirement, what cash flows are you able to direct towards retirement, etc. The planning continues by framing today’s decisions in the context of your hopes for retirement.  We discuss what you want to have happen in your life. This is the basis for quantifying how to close the gap. Once we know the gap, then we can quantify what it takes to get to your objective.

Once we have completed your retirement plan, you will know:

  • How much wealth you have earmarked today for retirement.
  • How much you, your business and/or your employer save towards your retirement on an annual and monthly basis.
  • How much additional funds need to go towards your retirement objective, and the timing of those investments.
  • When it is feasible for you to retire.
  • What rate of return your retirement portfolio needs to generate.
  • What your assets need to grow to by the time you retire.
  • How taxes will factor into your retirement lifestyle.
  • If applicable, how retirement funding will impact your ability to save for college for your child, or children.