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This is a specialized area, and many wealth managers are not attuned to the changed needs of a retiring, or retired client. Blue Water Wealth does things differently. We are uniquely positioned, through our financial planning work with you, to provide informed advice about how to craft a portfolio designed to mitigate taxes, minimize downside risk and drive income.

These are the needs of most clients in retirement. In most instances, growth can no longer be the driving factor in the portfolio. Is growth still a part of the portfolio? Absolutely, but it can no longer be the main objective of the portfolio. Through our comprehensive financial planning, we are able to quantify how much of your portfolio needs to be dedicated to growth. Of course, we tailor the overall portfolio to your objectives and risk tolerance.

As one nears retirement, it is imperative that their portfolio begins to shift in a way that will allow it to create a paycheck in retirement. This is a simple way to view the issue of retirement income planning. It does, in fact, capture the essence of the problem—once you retire, you no longer have a paycheck. We need to help you re-create one using all of the resources at your disposal. We delve into every element of your available income streams.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Your entire investment portfolio
  • Rental income streams
  • Deferred compensation plan payments
  • Proceeds from the installment sale of a business
  • Pension plan payments
  • Social Security payments
  • Proceeds from the sale of investment property
  • Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST’s) for 1031 exchanges
  • Inheritances
  • Family limited partnerships

Transitioning to retirement is one of the most critical phases in one’s financial life. Optimally, retirement income planning should begin five-to-seven years prior to your targeted retirement date. If you are already retired, it is never too late to do formal retirement income planning.